Bobby Haney, DDS

What NOT To Say

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What you say to a patient can be the difference between keeping them and losing them.  Here are several things NOT to say and an alternative phrase to help you GROW your practice and bottom line!

1. Don't say, "When would you like to schedule your appointment?"  Instead, offer the patient two different available times and let them choose (or they will offer you and alternative.)

​2. Don't say, "See you next check-up!"  Instead say, "When I see you next time I want to look very closely at that (crack line or whatever) on the lower right!"

​3. Don't say, "Let's take a look at..."  Instead say, "Hi Ms. Smith!  I'm Dr. Haney.  What can I help you with today?"

​4. Don't say, "This tooth needs a..."  Instead say, "I know what the problem is and I can take care of it!"

​5.  Don't say (voice mail), "If you are getting this message during regular office hours, we are busy treating other patients..."  Instead say, "Hello!  This is Amy at Dr. Haney's office.  What can I do for you?"

6.  Don't say, "We have a cancellation."  Instead say, "We have a change in the schedule so we will be able to see you..."

​7.  Don't say, "That is not covered by your insurance."  Instead say, "We have several payment options available."

8.  Don't say, "Dr.'s office.  Can you hold a second?"  Instead say, "Hi, this is Amy at Dr. Haney's office.  May I put you on hold briefly and I'll be back soon to give you my full attention."

9.  Don't say, "That's not my department."  Instead say, "Mr. Jones, I need to get you with Sue.  She is our expert on that!"

And finally, don't say "No."  Instead say, "Yes, we can help you!"