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Bobby Haney, DDS

There is lots of advice for team members about how to prepare for a review.  How about something for the leaders?  Here are 7 ways to prepare yourself for conducting an excellent review for your team members.  (Credit to the good folks at RecruitLoop for these ideas.)

  •  Send out a pre-appraisal questionnaire.  Give yourself plenty of time and collect them well in advance of the review.  Ask the team member to rate themselves in several key areas such as skill growth, team dynamics, time management, etc. Team members love to give feedback.

  • Relate your review to the team member's job description.  Have a copy of it at hand when conducting the review.

  • Create a non-threatening environment.  Conduct the review in "their" space if possible.

  • Stick to the script.  Do not surprise the team member with an item that you have not indicated will be discussed.

  • Ask them for feed back.

  • Set goals for improvement that you both agree on.  Put it in writing and set deadlines for implementation.

  • Follow up.  Mark YOUR calendar with the deadlines and hold the team members accountable.

When well prepared for and properly conducted, a performance review indicates to your employees your professionalism, your appreciation of their contribution and your desire to see them improve and grow within the company.

It also allows you to see which of your employees are making the most valuable contribution and which, if any, are letting the side down – useful information to have in today’s tough business climate, where every dollar must count.

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7 Ways To Get The Most From Team Reviews