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Bobby Haney, DDS

10 Things You Can and Should Do IMMEDIATELY to Add Thousands of Dollars to Your Bottom Line!

  • When your scheduling coordinator is making an appointment for a patient, instead of “warning” them about your cancellation policy and fee, say something like this, “Ms. Patient, if you see that you may not be able to keep your appointment, would you DO ME A FAVOR and call me as soon as possible.”  Then hand them a card with the coordinator’s name and the office number on it.  Asking the patient in this manner obligates them in a personal way to let you know if there is a problem with keeping the appointment. 

  • Doctors, ask your team members, “What can I do to make your job better at helping you help our patients receive the best care possible?”  You will probably be amazed at how smart your staff is.  They are dealing with the patients in a much different setting than you and have insights you cannot possible see.  ASK THEM how you can do better!

  • Give new patients a “tour” of the office.  Don’t assume they know where to go and then embarrass them to have to ask.  Do not put them “on the spot.”  Show them.  At the very least, LET THEM KNOW WHERE THE BATHROOM IS!!

  • Conduct a “comprehensive exam” on every patient at least yearly.  You don’t have to charge them for it but TAKE THE TIME to look at each patient like you would look at a new patient once per year.  Don’t fall into what I call the “routine trap.”  You will discover things you might gloss over AND it will remind you to ask those patients who have turned down or delayed elective procedures previously (cosmetic, ortho, etc.) if they might be ready to begin that treatment NOW.

  • Don’t be afraid of recommending same day treatment.  The patient is here.  Many times they are ready to “get something done.”  Well then, “git r done”!

  • After a successful appointment, ask your patients to give your office an online review.  Many will be happy to do so if you simply ask them.  By the way, also ask your team to do an online review telling about what a great place they work and the great doctor they work for.

  • This may seem obvious, but ASK for payment from your patient at the time of service.  And if they have a previous balance, ask for this too.  (You would be surprised how often patients are told something like, “We’ll just settle your bill after the insurance pays.”)

  • Every team member in the office should know at least the top two benefits to the patient of every procedure you offer.  Teach them.  Include the dreaded “why do I need xrays today” question.  When your team can explain why you recommended what you did,  your case acceptance percentage will increase dramatically!

  • Create a list of patients that are free to come for appointments at any time (retirees, etc.)  When you have a last minute schedule change, call them to fill otherwise empty chair time.

  • Compliment every patient at every visit at least once.  Find something worthy about your patient and compliment them appropriately.  Thank every patient at every appointment and more than once.  Profusely thanking them is acceptable.

I know the title says 10 Things but I wanted you to have a bonus:

  • ​Send a hand written welcome note  from the doctor to every new patient.  Yes, snail mail.  In an envelope.  With a stamp.  It doesn’t have to be long, just sincere.

These “tips” are simple to things to do and will cost you little to nothing to implement.  And I promise you they will grow your income by thousands of dollars.

But they won’t help you if you don’t put them in place and make it happen. 

If you need help with these and other strategies to grow your practice, please call me today for a free initial introductory consult.  I have over 30 years of experience in private practice including solo private office, partner, and associate.  I’ve seen all the angles and have spent hours of time studying practice management as well as “living it” in my office.  I am ready to help YOU!

Dr. Bobby Haney

CEO/Chief Consultant


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