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Bobby Haney, DDS


1. Market your practice on social media – Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, You Tube, etc.  Be intentional and develop this (almost) free marketing strategy!

2. Treat your patients AND THOSE THAT COME WITH THEM TO YOUR OFFICE like they are guests in your home

3. Offer a 5% discount for patients who will pre-pay for their portion of treatment in order to “reserve priority scheduling.”   Then schedule their appointments immediately at their convenience.

4. Ask patients if they can move their appointments forward if you have an appointment become available sooner.  Make a list of these patients and USE it.

5.Send new patients a BEAUTIFUL “new patient portfolio” as soon as you hang up the phone with them!  If they are coming tomorrow, call a courier and have it delivered. 

(Do things that create WOW! = ”No dentist has EVER done that for me before!”)

6. If you have a patient with a strange or difficult to pronounce name, the person that first talks to them must put a “sticky note” in the chart with a phonetic spelling so all the team knows how to pronounce the name.  Also, if a patient uses a different name from their “chart” name, be sure that is prominently noted for all team members to see.  (Charles or Chuck?, Robert or Bob?, etc.)

7. Ask patients on a survey how many patients they have invited to the practice in the last 12 months.  Thank them.  If none, ask, “how can we do better?”

8. Host a Christmas party for children’s homes or a charity/ministry in your area.  Plan it, pay for it, and provide transportation if needed.  Make this the EVENT of the year in your area.

9. Call patients who have referred their friends and family and THANK them for their kindness.

10. Be sure you have a BEAUTIFUL and NAVIGABLE WEB SITE!!!  And ask your patients how they found your website.

Bonus Idea:

Don’t assume patients know how to get to your practice. Not everyone has a smart phone or GPS device, and you may not think to give out directions to your office. But even with these tools, your office might be hard to locate. Obviously, you do not want patients showing up late (or not at all) because they got lost. When you schedule appointments for new patients, be sure to send them directions or a link to a website such as MapQuest or Google Maps so that they can more easily find your office.

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