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Bobby Haney, DDS

8 Principles of Delivering “WOW”

From The New Gold Standard by Joseph Michelli


Creating a “WOW!” experience for your patients in your practice will increase loyalty, referrals, and your bottom line.  Here are seven principles to make this happen in your office.

1. Something as simple as a bottle of water can provide a long-lasting memory…if it’s handed to a thirsty person who isn’t expecting it.

2. WOW starts with a commitment to a culture of extraordinary service.  Ingenuity brings it to life.

3. While it is easy to deliver, a warm welcome is rare enough to stand out in the minds of patients.

4. Continuity of care, active team communication, and personalized attention drive life-long repeat business from devoted patients.

5. Artful attentiveness, without intrusion, will allow you to infer the needs of your patients the way devoted parents can pick up on preferences that surprise and delight their children.

6. The more expediently a problem is resolved, the more quickly it is forgotten.

7. Whether or not you practice is responsible for issues and mistakes, a patient is most likely to remember who took the initiative to fix them.

8. Breakdowns will occur despite the best intentions to provide flawless service.  Empathy, quick attention, and a willingness to go beyond the resolution will salvage a bad situation and turn it into a winning outcome.