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Bobby Haney, DDS

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1. Reciprocation - States that you are obligated to give back to me the form of behavior that I first gave you.  People say "yes" to your treatment recommendations when they feel obligated to reciprocate.  

  • Offer new patient gifts
  • Send a welcome letter from the doctor before the first appointment
  • Hand patient a welcome note when they arrive
  • Send a follow up thank you letter

2.  Scarcity - People want things they can't have.  Scarcity causes people to be more concerned about the idea of LOSING something rather than GAINING that thing.  You then "sell" the avoidance of loss.

  • In your office tour, show patients what you have to offer that they cannot get anywhere else - what is "special" about your office.
  • "Credentialize" (point out why they are the expert) both the doctor and all the team members.  
  • Offer amenities to your patients.

3. Authority - We tend to defer decisions to legitimate authorities.  

  • Dress like an authority.  
  • Credentialize the doctor
  • Market 3rd party endorsements
  • Point out diplomas and certifications
  • Office appearance immaculate

4. Commitment - Lasting commitments are active, public, and un-coerced.

  • "Connect" personally with new patients
  • Present treatment properly​

5. Social Proof - People decide what is appropriate for themselves based on what other people like to have done.  It's called the "Bandwagon Effect."

  • Get and publish patient testimonials
  • Create an environment that promotes patient referrals

6. Liking - We prefer to say "yes" to people we know and like.  How we greet people, our attitude, and our smile all make a huge difference in our likabiliy and ultimately, our ability to influence.

  • Take the time it takes to establish rapport
  • Smile and be grateful to your patient