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Bobby Haney, DDS

Wouldn’t you like to improve the productivity and efficiency of every member of your team?  How about reducing conflicts?  Do you need fewer communication breakdowns?  Would you like more practice revenue?  Higher quality of life and work?

I’ll bet the answer is YES!

Then you must not tolerate mediocre performance from your team.  Instead, insist on a team that follows your standards and executes your vision to reach your practice goals.

Here are ten ways to do that:

1. Hold your team accountable

2. Make constructive suggestions

3. Emphasize what each team member must do to succeed

4. Get a full commitment to improve where it is needed including acknowledgement of a problem

5. Give clear directions for improvement

6. Get feedback from your team in a non-threatening environment

7. Discuss solutions to problems with the team

8. Be prepared for non-cooperation with a measured response

9. Demonstrate leadership courage

10. Continue to give and get encouraging feedback

Working with your team may be the most difficult part of a dental practice.  I can help you do a better job.  I have YEARS of experience managing teams and am ready and willing to impart my wisdom to you!

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10 Ways to Improve Teamwork

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